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Bridal Shower
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Bridal Shower

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Jack & Jill

More couples today are deciding to celebrate the groom at the the party as well. Generally, these parties are referred to as "Jack & Jill's" or coed showers.

These parties are casual can be held in the afternoon as barbeque or in the evenings as a cocktail party.

For gift idea the most popular theme is the "Honeymoon Party". Decorations can be travel posters of the couples' destination and items that represent the theme of their honeymoon. For example, if they are planning a island honeymoon, set up a tiki torches in the back yard. Gifts for the honeymoon party are usually in the form of cash or travel items.

If the party's theme is something other than honeymoon, then selecting gifts for the groom can be a somewhat tricky. Here is a quick list of some good groom gifts:

Workshop and Construction
Just ask Bob Villa and Tim Allen! Give the groom tools and equipment for home repairs and new house additions. He will appreciate the power tools!

Sports and Recreation
Sports collectibles and sports teams jerseys, hats, and more. Find out which team way ahead of time. Don't get the Redskins fan a Dallas jersey!

Stage a barbecue or potluck dinner in the backyard. Pool your money and get him a new grill. Guests may also bring outdoor cooking accessories, drinks, etc.



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