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What is the Bride Wearing?

Let the bride know ahead of time. After everyone has visited for a while, the bride quietly leaves the room and listens from a spot where the guests cannot see her. Then ask the guests about what she is wearing. Is her hair up or down? Color of shoes? Outfit color? Ask as many questions as you can think of...then start asking about the bride's favorite color, TV show, food. Go around the room taking turns answering. Everyone who has not missed an answer at the end wins a prize.

Who am I?
This one is an easy way to get everyone talking to one another. Ahead of time, write down the names of famous people on index cards - singers, celebrity, political figures, authors. As each guest arrives, pin the identity to their back without them knowing the name. Guests find out who they are by asking others YES or NO questions. Depending on the group of people, you may or may not also decide to put a limit on the number of questions that can be asked to one person consecutively. Depending on how long it takes, you can opt for first prize only or extend out to second and third. If you want everyone to get a chance to figure it out, you may also give out a prize to the last person.

Wise Ones
After everyone has arrived, ask each person to introduce themselves and offer a nugget of advice on how to have a happy marriage, or cooking tips, or whatever. Assign a secretary to record the tips. Compile it later as a gift for the bride.

Happy Wishes
Provide envelopes and index cards. Have the guests write an event, holiday, or moment in the couple's life together. On the index card, write a happy thought or useful piece of advice. On the outside of the envelope, write the occasion that the bride should open the note. Examples might be wedding night, first anniversary, first child, first fight, first house.

Romantic Stories
Take turns going around the room. Tell a romantic, reminiscent, or funny story.

This is great if there are a lot of close friends and relatives and the shower. Guests take turns telling outrageous stories about the couple.





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